Our organic cleaning products represent a wide range of applications for which we have formulated specifically targeted products.

Below is a brief synopsis of each of these products:

Autoclave Cleaner:

Our autoclave cleaner is formulated from organic ingredients, approved by the FDA. This cleaner, which is fully bio-degradable, cleans and sterilizes autoclave machines and is ideal for hospitals, clinics & small practices, wherever there is an autoclave in use.

Stainless Steel Cleaner:

Our Organic steel cleaner cleans and protects all stainless steel surfaces. This cleaner is formulated from all organic ingredients, and is environmentally friendly.

Hand Soap & Sanitizer:

Our organic hand soap cleans and sanitizes the hands, removing germs and bacteria. Our hand soap is gentle on the skin.

Floor Cleaner:

Our organic floor cleaner cleans and protects wood and tiled floors for a sparkling clean look. Formulated from organic, bio-degradable ingredients, this cleaner will not damage your floors like chemical based cleaners do.

Fruit & Vegetable Cleaner:

Our organic fruit & vegetable cleaning spray cleans fruits & vegetables from bugs, parasites, dirt and other impurities.

Multi-purpose Cleaner:

Our multi-purpose cleaner cleans many different surfaces and is ideal for use in either household or commercial environments.