Framed Mirrors

Our custom framed mirrors add style and class to any room, and with a large variety of frames to choose from, you can find a custom frame to fit your style or theme. Whether you’re looking for a large decorative mirror for your living room to make your space seem larger and brighter, or a practical, durable mirror to enhance the look of your master bathroom, we can create a custom frame to meet your goals.

Consider the use of the mirror and style/color of the furniture or room when deciding on the size/placement of a custom framed mirror. Do you want the mirror for functionality, decoration, or both?

Each mirror can be created with either a flat mirror or a beveled mirror. A beveled mirror may add a touch of elegance to your wall. The outer edges of the mirror are ground to an angle giving it a raised look. Beveling has no impact on the durability of a mirror and is more of a style choice than anything else.

We will help you create an ornate or simple, antique, traditional or contemporary mirror to perfectly suit your needs.