Custom Glass

Custom Glass and Designs Fit To Your Specifications

King David Gallery in NYC provides custom framing, interior design and specialized mirrors of all shapes and sizes to fit your design specifications. Our design specialists will help you decide which windows fit in your existing space, and what size thickness you'll need for your glass doors.


King David Gallery has both framed and frameless glass shower doors that can be fit to your specifications. Tempered glass is often used in bathroom panels because, when it breaks, there are no sharp edges. Frosted and clear tempered glass provide both beauty and strength to your bathroom.

Kitchen and Living Room

The design experts at King David Gallery can work with you to custom design your windows and doors. They have a wide selection of designer glass to fit your home decor. Wall to wall glass mirrors can offer an elegant, modern setting to your living room. Our services offer four levels of glass thickness to choose from and an assortment of beveled glass, custom designed to create the perfect prism effect.

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