Mixed Media Mirrors

Here at King David Gallery, we offer a variety of mixed media mirrors that can help you improve the look, feel, and atmosphere of your home at the right price point. Mixed media mirrors come in all shapes and sizes, but all feature a stylish frame that helps accent them. Frames feature different textures, colors, and widths for the perfect decorative piece in your living or dining room. Mirrors without frames can blend into the rest of a room's decor, creating an initial feeling of confusion for visitors. This is especially problematic for large mirrors that really distort the appearance of the room. These kind of mirrors, with thin frames or no frames at all, make a room appear larger as well. This can be a good thing, but for a mirror that can be the focal point of the room, a mixed media mirror is best. 

Unique frames set mirrors off and colors can match the furniture, carpet, or drapes. Conversely, a room lacking strong colors can receive a splash of excitement with the right mixed media mirror. We offer a number of monotone and multicolor frames to fit the needs of your space. These mirrors also come in different shapes and sizes, giving customers the ability to find one that fits into any space on their walls. These shapes set the tone for the room they're placed in: round for a fun and distinct atmosphere, or rectangular for a more formal environment.

The texture of the mirror's frame can also make an impact on the look and feel of a space. Metal finishes make the mirror sleek and smooth; for a similar texture but with color, wooden and synthetic frames are available. Some frames feature a bumpy and visible texture, using an assortment of colors to set off ridges. Mixed media mirrors can complement an existing interior design or help create a new one in your home, especially your living room, dining room, and bedroom. The mirror itself establishes a more formal atmosphere in the room, while a stylish frame can be used to fit right into a room's design or become a centerpiece.


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