Glass Shower Doors

Glass Shower Door Enclosures For Your Bathrooms

A glass shower door enclosure helps make your bathroom look much larger, but you need to get a glass door that has a proper design. There are many instances in which a plate-glass door is appropriate, but these doors are only appropriate for couples. Your home may require a bit more privacy where the shower is concerned, and we can create that privacy with a beautiful glass shower door.

#1: The Door Size

Your shower has a set amount of room for the door. The door may be a curtain at the moment, or you may have an existing door that you are not happy with. A bad door can make the bathroom look cheap, and you want to replace that door with something that is much more beautiful. We can measure the door space for size, and we can construct a beautiful door that is bespoke for your shower.

#2: The Door Design

We can insert a heavy plate-glass door that makes your bathroom look modern, but we understand that most families prefer to have a little privacy in the shower. We can turn a plate-glass door into a beautiful design with etching. We can etch any pattern into the door, and we can use a custom scene that you recommend. 

#3: The Hardware

The hardware for the door can make the door look much nicer, and we have hardware in any color or style you may want. We can use gold or silver hardware to match the other fixtures in the room. We have fixtures that look modern, and we have fixtures that have a classic feel. You will get much better results in the bathroom when we install the right fixtures on the door. The hinges, handle and trim will all match. A proper shower door in your bathroom helps give you privacy and style in the room. Your family is in need of a door for the shower that is going to look beautiful in the room, and your home requires something beautiful protecting the shower. Your home's value rises with a new shower door, and your guests will be thoroughly impressed. King David Gallery designers understand your bathroom is a haven. It is the place you relax after a hard day. To add interest and a unique touch to the room, we create the perfect glass shower doors. Some of our most modern and elegant designs are frameless doors. These bathroom fixtures bring sophistication to even the smallest spaces. All our glass products are extremely durable. You will never have to worry about shatters from accidental bumping. We make glass panels for shower doors, and can create custom designed glass showers to clients' and designers' specifications. We can also design your complete glass shower to create a one of a kind

We create sketches and 3-D renderings of the design to create the shower doors.

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