A custom backsplash is the perfect accent for any room. You want to make your home look as beautiful as possible, and you want to impress the people that visit your home with this backsplash. Let King David Gallery bring your New York City backsplash ideas to life.


#1: The Color Scheme

We can create a custom backsplash in any color variation to match your room's walls, appliances and floors. Your custom backsplash should compliment the design of the space, not take away from it.

#2: The Style

Have a style in mind? King David Gallery can create designs that call on the Victorian, colonial cottage or continental eras. We can go off a picture of something that has caught your eye, or we can offer a rendering of a design that we will use.


#3: The Installation

Our expert artisans will come to your New York City home or apartment and install your new custom backsplash in a short period of time without a loss of quality. Before finishing, you'll be able to approve the quality of work to ensure you're happy with the results.

#4: Pictorials

We can create your backsplash through pictorals. Every family has a hobby they may want to put on display, whether it's a love of birds, lighthouses or animals. We can use pictures of these items to create a picture-based backsplash that will help bring your hobby to life.

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